Esyconveyor News: now more robust and versatile

At Esypro we see R+D+i as a path to solutions for the future, in which we always seek maximum reliability and quality guarantee for the current needs of the market. That is why we have launched a series of news for Esyconveyor that may interest you.

Power train

Power Train Esyconveyor Power & Free

We release a new casing for Esyconveyor’s trolley. This casing is now made of high strength steel and laser cut, replacing the previous aluminum casing. This provides a greater robustness and precision, as well as versatility when making adaptations to the specific requirements of each installation. Inside the new casing we find an improved wheel in blue, which will allow a better rolling on the track more silent. Furthermore, we have updated the omega, by which the car is attached to the rope by an injection clamp, which is now easier to assemble. This omega is now also made of solid steel, so the powertrain will be even more robust and silent. And finally, we launched a new cleaning brush, much more compact than its predecessor.

Stopping station

Stopping station Esyconveyor Power & Free

Another great novelty of this new Esyconveyor version is the stopping station, whose strong point is now the versatility it offers when using components from different brands and suppliers (Festo, SMC, etc). This way we can comply with any standard or preference that our clients ask us. In the same way we approach the market standards, implementing M12 connecttronics. And for even greater versatility, this stopping station can offer both trolley detection on the track and external detection, and can also vary between various types of detectors (Senstronic, IFM, Pepperl+Fuchs, etc.).


Trolley Esyconveyor Power & Free

As in the power train, the load unit’s trolley now use the new steel casing, with a new design and architecture. This new casing also comes with an anti-noise plate, which is now integrated into the casing itself, thus eliminating the previous injection anti-noise plate and making the trolley more robust. This new trolley will also have the new blue wheel… go blue!

We guarantee quality and reliability

All our components go through a series of stress tests, so that an equivalent to the useful life in the plant can be tested. In this case, the improvements are also based on elements that have already been previously tested in other solutions and whose application has been satisfactory for our clients.

We also follow the parameters of eco-design, having improved the manufacturing processes of the new components and replaced aluminum with steel, thus taking another step forward in our commitment to sustainability. Our products are reusable, reconfigurable and with 100% recyclable materials.

Our improvements are always fully compatible with older installations, thus being able to maintain our after-sales service and the possibility of expanding it to our most veteran clients.

We offer quality solutions adapted to the needs and standards of our clients, focusing a large part of our efforts and resources on continuous improvement. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about Esyconveyor.

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