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Shopstock and manual overhead conveyor

The ALMAFLEX modular system (flexible manual storage) makes possible the integral management of parts, linking the different production processes with storage and even transport to destination (integration in transport lorries) and final consumption points.

It is a totally modular and standardised system that makes easier the correct handling of parts, including the visual ones. Although its conception is manual, market demand and specific applications have required the incorporation of non-manual actuators.


Its complements, such as track switches, workstations, carts or transfers, allow for various configurations depending on the customer's needs and space optimisation.

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Modular system

Easy reconfiguration and expansion

Automatización industrial

Easy assembly and disassembly

Almaflex will be operational in a few steps.

Optimisation of logistic flows.

ALMAFLEX is a system that improves ergonomics and helps to remove forklifts in the plant. Our hanging part system and the linking device of our loading units make possible the easy transport of large quantities of parts from a comfortable position for the operator. With elements such as transfer bars and track switches, the sequences of parts can be guided effortlessly to any point in the logistics or production process.

General features

  • Fully standardised and industrialised system.
  • Modular.
  • Robust.
  • Flexible and reconfigurable.
  • Easy to install.
  • Simple visual control of parts, with the option of integrating pick to light systems.
  • FIFO compatibility.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Less scrap.
  • In constant evolution by our R&D team, always respecting compatibility with previous versions.
  • Possibility of storage in several levels.
  • Manual operation with the possibility of incorporating non-manual actuators.
  • Possibility of linking customer-supplier processes, reducing logistic times and avoiding unnecessary manipulations. Ideal for JIT/JIS (just in time/just in sequence) applications.


Reorder flows, change dimensions of storage areas, adaptable load unit pitch, etc.


The accumulation bar, the rosario and other elements have been designed for bidirectional operation.


Possibility to increase, reduce or reconfigure the initially assembled product.


Ability to adapt to the environment by avoiding obstacles and taking advantage of the space available.


Integrated design for a maximum space optimization


Almaflex offers endless possibilities and configurations, including the option of expanding the installation at any time. We can do a small workstation to provide service to a single cell, large warehouses interconnected, transfer bars or transport carts. All our elements can be connected to each other, so that, any of our transport carts can be connected to an Almaflex accumulation bar.

Elementos funcionales de nuestros sistemas

marcan la diferencia

La autonomía del cliente para su montaje, instalación o reconfiguración de manera rápida y sencilla, con una estructura drobusta, integrada y regulable, ideal para la reconfiguración de los layout, posibilitanto su anclaje al suelo o techo de la nave.

Perfíl de rodadura

Perfil de rodadura y acumulación autoportante en aluminio reforzado para garantizar su linealidad con el mínimo de puntos de fijación a estructura.


Estudios específicos del gancho según la pieza a transportar; diferentes ejecuciones: tipo saco, metálico, plástico, goma...

Functional/operational elements


  • Almaflex load unit
  • Simple, double or multisection configuration and adjustable part pitch.
  • Possibility of including a linking system to move several rosarios at the same time.
  • Must be equipped with an interface between the rosario bar and the load to eliminate lateral force.


Case study Antolin Shelby

One of the world's leading Tier 1 plastic moulding companies located in Michigan (US) required a solution for the management of 23,250 parts. The system needed to manage 48 different references of interior door panels and store 2.1 days of stock demanded by the client.

  • The size of the manual shopstock is like a football pitch.
  • Up to 48 different references

An Almaflex has been installed to meet the client requirements. The shopstock has been divided by references with different cycle times, which also facilitates management by avoiding the use of forklifts. It allows operators to work in an organised, ergonomic and simple way. FIFO method is met and the system fulfils the accumulation requirements demanded by the end customer. All kinds of solutions have been required to facilitate management, including workstations, transfer bars and pneumatic track switches with manual actuators.

2.1 days of stock
Automotive industry/sector
Up to 23,250 parts simultaneously

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