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We work to project the values of our company

Esypro is based on a series of values and clear principles. These are a strong market orientation, the rigor and commitment to the result of our clients, meeting deadlines, and providing technical advice so that an optimal output is given between the needs of the customer and the logistics system. In addition, we always ensure regulatory compliance both within our own framework -based on an integrated management system and following the parameters of standards such as ISO:9001 for quality, ISO:4001 for the environment or ISO:45001 for the prevention of occupational risks- as in the framework defined by our client according to their standards of quality, reliability and prevention.



Our strategic horizon can be divided into three lines: first, we seek to continue positioning ourselves as a benchmark in hanging part systems in the automotive sector. Second, we want to use our experience and knowledge of automotive logistics systems to find solutions in different sectors, identifying their needs and adapting our products to them. Finally, we seek to provide a global and international approach, either with our own resources or through strategic collaborations.



Our mission is the study and implementation of solutions, either manual or automatic, for the transport, storage, and management (with an Industry 4.0 approach) of hanging and light parts. The solutions that we offer are based on our own developed product, and our scope is global.



Creativity, honesty, ethics, equality, responsibility, discipline, teamwork- these are some of our values. Human integrity and respect are the foundation of our work, basing our actions and decisions on responsibility. Having a strong orientation towards environmental sustainability and a commitment to well-being and social development, we impress upon our entire human team a principle-oriented awareness.

Esypro Brand

Esypro systems are characterized by their robustness and reliability, essential characteristics in sectors with high production performance. Our products are innovative and differential, and they provide our customers with a clear value as well as a rapid return on investment. The materials and processes we use are respectful with the planet, 100% recyclable, reusable and reconfigurable.

Code of ethics

The Code encompasses the fundamental ethical values and principles of Esypro, which both inspire and are developed within our internal rules and policies, enabling the ethics and business transparency required in the market and society.

Individuals at Esypro are personally responsible for upholding the laws, values, principles, and norms stated in the Code of Ethics.

If at any point you witness behaviors that contradict our ethical principles, we encourage you to report them to the compliance officer through our Reporting Channel.

Reports can be submitted anonymously if you prefer, or you also have the option to include your contact information. The information gathered in the report will be handled securely and confidentially. Additionally, you'll have access to track your report using the same form.

The system will assign you a report ID and a password (we recommend keeping this information), allowing you to check the status of the situation through an anonymous Communication Channel.

Confidentiality of reporters will be maintained in compliance with the Whistleblower Protection Act 2019/1987.

Co-funded projects

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