We are engineers

Esypro defines itself as an engineering company. Our technical team is structured in two well-defined blocks:

Esypro Taller

Product application engineering

This team oversees the project direction and management for the application and start-up of our systems. They are specialized in defining the most suitable layouts and flows according to the needs of our clients.

Esypro Innovación

Development engineering

This team has two fundamental missions:

  • New product development
  • Product lifecycle management, also including the improvement of functions.

R + D + i Process

The R + D + i process management system that we carry out at Esypro guarantees the development process throughout all its phases. We make sure this includes aspects related to the generation of ideas through a technological surveillance system or methodologies for the development of creativity. Without an effective idea generation system (entry into the R + D + i system) the rest of the process would be meaningless.

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Investigación y desarrollo

Stages of the R + D + i process

The input sources are common to both processes. The generation of ideas -either for improvement or for new product development- can be provided by the commercial network, the application engineering team, the customer intervention team or the clients themselves.

“Innovation is our vocation and source of impulse”José Manuel López, R + D + i manager.

Intellectual Property

Investing in R + D + i implies a strong investment of technical, economic, and human resources that must be protected through the legal mechanisms established for the protection of intellectual property. Otherwise, companies that invest in R + D + i would end up not allocating resources to innovation and development, since they would not obtain a return on investment, which would simply become an expense.

Quoting WIPO

“…the process and well-being of humanity rest on its capacity to create and invent new Works in the areas of technology and culture. (…) the legal protection of new creations encourages the commitment of additional resources for further innovation. (…) the promotion and protection of intellectual property spurs economic growth, creates new Jobs and industries, and enhances the quality and enjoyment of life. (…) The intellectual property system helps strike a balance between the interests of innovators and the public interest, providing an environment in which creativity and invention can flourish, for the benefit of all.”.


In line with this, in recent years we have placed a strategic focus on this issue. During this time we have evolved from the initial approach, in which the only objective was the generation of the product, to the current scenario where we also seek the preservation of the design and the reliability and guaranty of our products. This faces competitors that do not seek to bring value to their customers by studying their needs and developing solutions, but whose objective is to save the cost that implies to invest in R + D + i. At Esypro, we are committed to stable and long-term collaborations with our clients and we view R + D + i as a way of future solutions aligned with the needs of our clients.


Currently all our brands and industrial designs are registered, and we have international patents on our product Almaflex (flexible manual storage). We also have a pending patent for our product named Esyair, which is a commitment to R + D + i started in 2017 (automatic storage based on the paradigms of Industry 4.0 and the Smart factory).

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