Esyconveyor, the perfect solution to optimise my logistical process

Our product ESYCONVEYOR is a modular overhead conveyor system that can be used as Power & Free and monorail among others.

Choose quality first, do not settle with “similars”

The rope driven conveyor was devised by Esypro and our R + D + I department reviews it and improves it year by year.

All our Esyconveyor are driven by a rope. Its Kevlar core make possible the creation of a unique transport system. Its maintenance it is extremely low, and it works in highly corrosive environments such as welding isles with tight flows where stopping is not an option. The rope is made of aramid fibre, it withstands temperatures up to 400º C and it is 5 times more resistant than steel. All this features with very low maintenance and with no need of using lubricants.

Curiosity! This type of fibre is mainly used in nautical, aerospace and military applications as well as bulletproof vests due to its breaking strength.

What you will find with the Esypro products is top quality. We know that your purpose is to bring the best product to the market, so do not settle for other systems that do not treat your product as it deserves from the beginning.

The only thing we want is that you only worry about improving your product, because in the plant, the Esyconveyor will make the work easier for the operators.

Esyconveyor offers you:

  • A very easy system to configure and reconfigure
  • Very low maintenance.
  • A clean system, no lubricants or oils
  • Adaptable to the scope required by the client and to the standards of each plant
  • An environmentally friendly system

If you need more information or want us to show you how having an Esyconveyor can help you in your internal logistics, write or call us!

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