Almaflex, optimisation of logistics flows

Have you ever find yourself with a reference management problem or the need to have your products in stock for several days?

We present Almaflex which comes from the words FELXIBLE MANUAL STORAGE. It allows the storage and manual management of hanging pieces, linking the different production processes, including transport to destination and final consumption stations.

It is a fully modular and standardized system that facilitates the handling of parts, facilitates ergonomics in the plant and helps eliminate forklifts.

With Almaflex you can:

  • Have endless configurations
  • Connect all our functional elements to each other
  • Reorder flows and change dimensions of storage areas
  • Increase, reduce or reconfigure the product initially implanted
  • Adapt it to the plant, avoiding obstacles

A real case…

To understand how an Almaflex can help you in your logistics management system, we show you a real case. We are talking about a plant in Michigan (United States) of one of the main Tier1 plastic injection molding machines in the world, where we have installed Almaflex.

The client required a solution that allowed the management of 23,250 parts and 48 different references for interior car door panels.

But, in addition, they needed the storage to be ordered for 2 days, which is the stock that the end customer required from the assistant.

What we have done at Esypro was to install an Almaflex divided by references of different cadences, which also facilitated management by avoiding the use of forklifts and allowing operators to work in an organized, ergonomic and simple way.

Of course, in our work it was always present to meet the accumulation requirements demanded by the end customer. All kinds of solutions have been required to facilitate management; from stall stocks, to transfer bars and pneumatic diverters with manual actuators.

If you want to know more about this and other products, write or call us. We are at your disposal to show you everything we can do for you.

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