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Esyair: A look into the functioning of a smart warehouse

We invite you to discover insights into the operation of our most innovative solution, Esyair, an automated storage system that not only simplifies warehouse management but also completely redefines operational efficiency in all its aspects. It’s a comprehensive logistics management solution that enables storage, transportation, sorting, and sequencing of parts, providing unparalleled control over your material flow. Keep reading to delve into more details about how this solution works.

Automation for optimal efficiency

At the heart of Esyair lies its exceptional ability to automatically move parts combined with intelligent storage. Each load unit, consisting of a trolley and a customized hook, carries a specific parts configuration. This meticulous planning level ensures that each hook has a precise part allocation and that each reference is carefully associated. This precise optimization guarantees that each load unit is always identified and finds its destination quickly and seamlessly.

3D esyair with trolley
Esyair with trolley

Smart and prioritized movements

Esyair system ensures that each movement has a defined purpose. Employing a priority-based approach, the system guides load units to specific locations based on their individual characteristics. This leads to a balanced distribution and a seamless workflow.

movement table in esyair software
Example of Movement Table in Esyair Software

Storage Bars: Strategic Foundation

The accumulation bars constitute the backbone of Esyair. These bars serve as the zones where load units are efficiently organized. With various operating modes such as Monoreference or Multireference, these bars ensure an optimal and strategic arrangement of parts, allowing for adherence to a FIFO organization.

layout with accumulation bars in esyair software
Example of Layout with Accumulation Bars in Esyair Software

Adapted loading and unloading

Esyair adapts to the loading and unloading requirements of your smart factory. It offers the option of manual loading or unloading, enabling secure and ergonomic collaboration for operators. Furthermore, it provides the potential for automatic loading with robotic assistance.

Esyair also serves as the optimal choice for executing specific material movements using mobile robotics. Compatible with AMR and AGV, our EMC (Esypro Mobile Cart) facilitates a seamless and automatic connection with Esyair.

Flexibility and scalability

With Esyair, flexibility and the capacity for evolution are paramount. The accumulation bars, as the core essence of the system, dynamically adapt to various operational modes based on specific needs. This adaptability ensures precise handling of load units during storage, retrieval, and transport, optimizing every phase of the process. This system allows for fine-tuning inventory levels within a plant, facilitating effective implementation of Lean Manufacturing strategies. The ability to adjust material flow in real time contributes to waste reduction and maximizes your plant’s efficiency.

However, Esyair’s vision extends beyond the present. The system is designed to grow alongside you and your changing requirements. Through configurability and a prioritization-based approach, Esyair seamlessly integrates new functionalities and accommodates changes in your workflows. This crucial feature ensures that your investment in Esyair remains valuable as you progress and expand your operations over time, providing enduring performance and a sustainable competitive advantage in an ever-changing business landscape.

Intuitive interface for total control

The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) offers a comprehensive window into the process. From monitoring system status to managing alarms and manual actions, users have real-time, full control over the system. This ensures informed and efficient management, further enhancing the overall performance of your smart factory.

HMI with esyair software
HMI with Esyair Software

Precision engineering and technological confidence

Esyair operates with robust hardware and advanced software. The Siemens PLC and TIA Portal control software form a reliable foundation. High-level software, based on .NET, provides intelligent management of system functionalities. This is combined with graphical user interfaces (HMI) designed for both Windows systems and web environments.

Discover Esyair

Esyair is more than just a storage system; it’s a comprehensive solution that optimizes, simplifies, and adapts to your processes. Contact us now to explore how Esyair can transform your operations, enhance efficiency, and elevate your productivity to new heights.

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