What is an Esypro Rosario?

Rosario is the word we have chosen at Esypro to designate the Almaflex loading unit (our flexible manual storage product).

It is one of the operational elements that we use in our product. Other functional elements are: the accumulation bars, where there is a rolling track made with our Perflex profile that enables the rosarios to accumulate; the stop release station that allows the stop and the link release between rosarios; or the elevators that allow the vertical transport of parts.

The rosarios have three types of configurations: simple, double or multisection, which allows the facilities to be reconfigurable when reordering flows, changing dimensions of storage areas, accumulation steps, etc.

In addition, if we need to move several rosarios at the same time we have the possibility of incorporating a linking system.

I hope that now you know a little more about the elements that make up our products. Keep reading our blog for more information!

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