R & D + i

rosario-3-traviesasThe key for success: research, development and innovation.

For us, R & D + i mean future; it is the base of our survival. The keys that have determined our evolution have been the development of innovative products, the internationalization and diversification of markets.

The human factor, with a strong engineering basis, is in charge of transforming market inputs in successful products, such as: Esyconveyor or Almaflex.

A multidisciplinary – independent structure.

Our team is integrated and enriched by specialized engineers of many different fields, such as mechanics, automatics, software, communication technologies, organization and industrial logistics; we also count with complementary branches specialists such as prototyping and process technicians, which combine in perfect synchrony virtual design with real results and execution.

In those disciplines that we do not master, we work with partners, such as: universities and technological centers, among others.

Our suppliers also play a very important role in our activity. In our Logistics Department, which includes purchasing and production, we are permanently searching for new processes in order to produce faster, cheaper and better; therefore we do not hesitate to search for providers abroad, giving priority to the development of our closer collaborators.

R & D + i: Present, past and future.

R&D+i has lead us to our present and it is the basis of our future, we firmly believe in the constant need to systemize the design activities. Aspects as important as technological surveillance, market needs research and the development and innovation processes themselves, cannot be left to people’s will.

For such reasons, we count on the certification UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008, the environment management system under the normative EN ISO 14001:2004 and UNE 166002:2006.


↓ We participate in several R&D consortiums within the FEDER INNTERCONECTA programme