Esypro achieves the Bronze Medal in Ecovadis

Esypro achieves the Bronze Medal in Ecovadis

We are thrilled to announce that Esypro has been awarded the Bronze Medal by Ecovadis, underscoring our dedication to sustainability. Learn more about the significance of this distinction and how we are working to build a more sustainable business world. With our motto, ‘A better future starts with simple choices,’ we invite you to join our exciting journey towards environmental and corporate responsibility.

What Does the Ecovadis Bronze Medal Signify?

In the realm of corporate sustainability, the Ecovadis Bronze Medal is a distinction that acknowledges Esypro’s commitment to sustainable practices. But, what is Ecovadis, and why is this medal so relevant?

Ecovadis stands as a leading platform in sustainability assessment, with a focus on measuring companies’ performance in key areas such as environmental respect, ethics, human rights, and sustainable procurement. Their mission is to drive sustainability in supply chains and encourage companies to adopt responsible practices.

The Ecovadis Bronze Medal is an achievement that sets apart companies with high sustainability standards. Esypro has been honored with this distinction, signifying that our company has been positively evaluated in various critical areas for corporate sustainability.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Throughout 2023, we have strengthened our environmental commitment with concrete measures, such as the installation of photovoltaic panels—a bold step towards energy sustainability. These panels not only generate clean energy for our operations but also symbolize our steadfast commitment to a more sustainable future for all.

Esypro Building with Photovoltaic Panels.
Esypro Facilities with Photovoltaic Panels.

We hold the ISO 14001:2005 certification, a badge that certifies our dedication to environmental management and highlights our commitment to sustainable practices. This certification validates that our operations comply with international environmental standards, ensuring effective identification and control of relevant environmental aspects.

We understand that every small gesture counts, which is why we provide our team with reusable cups and bottles. By adopting these sustainable alternatives, we have gradually eliminated single-use plastics in our company. This measure is not only environmentally friendly but also promotes a more sustainable lifestyle among our employees.

These are just small brushstrokes, but they mark the beginning of a more sustainable future. At Esypro, we are committed to continuing to innovate and explore new ways to preserve our planet.

Building a Fair and Diverse Workplace

We work towards creating a fair, inclusive, and diverse work environment that reflects our fundamental values. Our policies and practices focus on ensuring an atmosphere where each team member feels respected and valued.

We do not tolerate discrimination, forced labor, or child labor at any stage of our operations. At Esypro, we are committed to respecting human rights and promoting a workplace that celebrates inclusion. Our selection processes are impartial, with no discrimination based on gender, race, or other factors. We seek talent and skills, regardless of any personal characteristics.

At Esypro, we adhere to the Pontevedra Metal Agreement as the minimum standard in our employment contracts. This commitment ensures fair and transparent working conditions for the entire team, reaffirming our dedication to ethical and responsible labor practices.

Additionally, we have a professional development program aimed at helping each team member reach their full potential. This program reflects our dedication to fostering a continuous learning and personal growth environment within the company, ensuring that employees have the tools and support needed to thrive in their careers.

We deeply value the well-being of our team. To ensure that our employees feel supported and cared for, we offer additional benefits. A gym on our premises promotes physical and mental health. Furthermore, we provide fresh fruit daily, encouraging healthy eating habits. We complement this with health insurance that provides peace of mind and security to our team.

Esypro Gym

These actions are not limited to being policies on paper; they are the tangible manifestation of our dedication to a workplace that promotes equality, respect, and prosperity for each member of our team.

Beyond Business, a Promise of Integrity

At Esypro, integrity and ethics are not merely components of our corporate culture; they are the very essence of our identity. We commit to conducting our operations with the utmost transparency and honesty.

At Esypro, we rigorously adhere to compliance principles, ensuring that our operations comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This practice not only guarantees the legality of our actions but also reinforces our commitment to operate ethically and responsibly in all aspects of our business.

We have established a robust Code of Conduct that serves as a moral compass for all members of Esypro. This code defines the values and ethical standards that guide our daily actions and decisions—from how we treat our colleagues to how we interact with business partners. Our Code of Conduct is a constant reminder that our actions must align with the highest ethical standards.

To reinforce this commitment, we have a Whistleblower Channel. This channel provides our employees, clients, and stakeholders with a secure avenue to report any behavior they deem irregular or unethical. We believe that giving voice to concerns contributes to strengthening the integrity of our company and helps us address any issues in a timely and fair manner.

At Esypro, we understand that our responsibility goes beyond the delivery of products and services; it extends to building relationships based on trust and integrity. By adhering to these fundamental pillars, we reaffirm our promise to operate not only as a successful company but also as an ethical and responsible actor in the global business landscape.

Making a Difference Through Conscious Purchases

We take pride in adopting a conscious approach to purchases that goes beyond the acquisition of goods and services; it is a tangible expression of our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

In an effort to minimize our carbon footprint, most of our purchases are made from local suppliers. This strategic decision not only supports the local community but also reduces the distance products travel, thus decreasing greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation. At Esypro, we understand that sustainability begins at home, and supporting local suppliers is a concrete way to contribute to the well-being of the environment.

We not only make mostly local purchases; we also expect our suppliers to share and follow our sustainability standards. We believe in building partnerships that transcend commercial transactions, working with suppliers who share our vision of a more sustainable world. By establishing clear criteria and expectations in terms of sustainable practices, we contribute to forming an ethical and responsible supply chain.

Looking to the Future

The Ecovadis medal is not just a recognition; it is a catalyst for a continued commitment to sustainability at Esypro. We consider this achievement as a stimulus to intensify our efforts and reach new heights in terms of environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.

This recognition does not mark the end of our journey but the beginning of a new stage. We commit to leveraging the medal as motivation to innovate in our operations and business strategies. Sustainability is not a destination but a constant path of improvement, and at Esypro, we are ready to lead by example.

Our Sincere Thanks

In this exciting chapter of our commitment to sustainability, we want to express our sincere thanks to all the people who have contributed to making this Ecovadis recognition possible. To our team, collaborators, suppliers, and clients, we extend our gratitude for your commitment and constant support on this journey towards environmental and business responsibility. This medal is not only an achievement for Esypro but also a testament to collective determination towards a more sustainable future.

A better future starts with simple choices. With each action, we are building a tomorrow where sustainability is the norm, and together, we are making a difference. Thank you!

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