ALMAFLEX for a bumper factory

ALMAFLEX for a bumper factory 

Integral Maintenance System Almaflex, for all products manufactured in the factory, from the injection area to the final dispatch point.


Requirements of the project

To store elements between the injection area and the painting cabin, this requires a high-density stocking system.

To store elements between the painting cabin and the final assembly area. Avoiding scratches, collisions and deformations was crucial to minimize the risk of deterioration.

To store components and accessories, following a parallel flux and with a long-term storage need. The unloads are based on the demand of the process, in small quantities and through a kanban feeding system.

The transportation of the elements to far shop stocks, consumption zones and production areas must be performed with common elements, so that the management of empty carts is not an extra job.  El transporte de piezas entre almacenes y puntos de producción y consumo alejados, de ser necesario, se debe realizar con medios de uso común a todos los almacenes, de manera que la gestión de carros vacíos no suponga un trabajo añadido.


Difficulties of the Project

Reduced production terms

Frequent changes on the project requirements.

Intensive and extensive use of the equipment.

Adaptation to the peculiar and specific needs of the factory.


Provided solutions 

High stocking capacity without empty spaces.

Guaranteed FIFO

Fast reconfiguration.

Adaptability to reduced space at the loading area. Elimination of dead spaces in the factory.

Drastic reduction of forklifts use.

The operator can ergonomically manipulate the element.



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