Movipas for a robotized welding line

Movipas for a robotized welding line

Installation in Spain of the “MOVIPAS step by step feeder” to accumulate and feed several components of the vehicle roof.


Requirements of the project

The Project needed accumulation and step by step feeding for several parts that compose the roof of the vehicle, these components had to feed a robotized welding production line.

The robot had to reach both, the welding line and the Movipas, optimizing the use of the factory space and saving time and movements of the operators when loading the components.


Difficulties of the project

Limited space in the factory.

Required compatibility between manual loading and automatic unloading.

Full security warranty for the operator.


Provided solutions 

System formed by several movipas attached

Vertical accumulation system

Installation around the perimeter of the robot cell.

Ergonomic window to load one range of components per time.

Beacon of stock, element switcher/positioner.



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