Esyconveyor to link production and assembly

Esyconveyor to link production and assembly 

Installation in Portugal of our automatic transport and accumulation system, Esyconveyor, to link  the production isle with the assembling zone.

Requirements of the project

Aerial transport and stock per references of the body side of a new model of car; from the automatic production isle (by robot) to the assembling line over the vehicle platform, body sides must be unloaded manually with an assisted manipulator.


Difficulties of the project

Size of the element. Metallic structure hanging from the ceiling. Unloads at floor level. Polyvalent hook for 2 different elements. Avoid contact of aspect/aesthetic areas of the element. Narrowing pitch zones. Usage of 2 independent manipulators, that already existed, for each element.

Provided solutions 

Detailed technical study of the gauge. Use of elevators. Supports made out of injected plastic. Grafts of polyurethane in the hook. Specific software for sequencing and pitch restrictions. Installation of the unloader with reorientation of the element. image (1) image

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